Easy. Fast. Cost-effective.

Your total event invite and RSVP solution

You are invited to save time and money by using RespondNow, our online RSVP management system. There is no software to purchase or install - you access RespondNow over the Internet from any web browser.

Spend less time working with multiple programs, by using RespondNow, a fully integrated online management system where you create your event, email all your event communication, and manage

  • We understand  that external and internal events are an essential part of a brand strategy and ultimately the brand experience
  • But the management of these events is a tedious process, so we have developed and online RSVP management tool, that marketing and event managers alike can utilise simply and easily, in order to maximise time and budgets
  • As the developers and marketers of RespondNow, we have the skills and experience in all aspects related to online event management, which gives us unique insight into our clients’ requirements, as online RSVP’s and associated reporting are an essential element to a successful event
  • We can implement your requirements and customise the application to suit your needs, without going through multiple channels, or you can choose from one of our standard packages
  • RespondNow is Reliable, Available and Accommodating


  • Password protected and secure website
  • All your information remains yours and is secure
  • Event management and registrations can take place 24/7
  • Simplifies RSVP process for events, meetings, conferences and golf days etc.
  • Multiple logins available - for sponsored events, or tiered user levels
  • Full backup of past events for reference
  • Full reporting and search functions
  • Downloadable excel database of event respondents, available at any time
  • View all the events you are managing at a glance
  • Including event status: Closed; Live; In Progress or Event has passed
  • Create, edit or duplicate your events, by following a step by step process
  • Go Live and close bookings to your event, at the click of a button
  • Upload an invitee list, if you want to email through the system
  • Set maximum attendees, and view or change easily
  • See who has responded yes, no - who has been added to the waiting list, or who has cancelled
  • Various Event elements can be used with the same artwork - Save the Date, Invitations, Email reminders
  • SMS and Email reminders - sent automatically by date
  • Event marked in Invitee's Calendar
  • Automated email confirmations sent to delegates on registration
  • Fully Booked and waiting list function, can be automatically set, as well as automated reminders, and event closing dates
  • Surveys and questionnaires can be sent post event